Jun 28th 2013 Park Authority Rangers and Broward Police aggressively forced personal of the Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe from the Holiday park in Fort Lauderdale, 1150 G. Harold Martin Drive Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304. In addition, our instrument including a rare, one of a kind, hand made musical instrument, the “Drum in Drum” was threatened to be confiscated for loss and or possible destruction. Our small Pruis car, full of instruments, puppet parts and musical paraphernalia was encircled by four Broward county police officers, hands on their guns, three park rangers, and one Bank of America event operations manager lady, who blocked the road.

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Holiday park was the site of the 35th Annual summer Starlight Musicals event sponsored by the Department of Parks and Recreations http://www.fortlauderdale.gov/events/starlight/starlight.htm and cosponsored by both Bank of America and Henderson Behavioral Health http://www.hendersonbehavioralhealth.org. The musical event was designed to highlight Non-Profits in our community and perform a Food Drive.

Bank of America tarlight musicals 971443_618779831466215_764867870_n

The Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe contacted the Starlight Musicals event through several emails to be included as a guest, no response was returned. Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe works to bring awareness to topics not covered by the traditional media outlets. Puppets are often used to talk about sensitive subjects, for example psychologists use puppets to demonstrate body parts and regions to identify possible child abuse. Currently, Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe is working on a musical that takes the Alice in Wonderland story from its nonsensical genre to address pill abuse in our community. Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe does not sell anything and is solely  funded by donations, which means we qualify as a non-profit charity. Many behavioral health issues are associate with pill abuse and Henderson Behavioral Health was going to be at the events. Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe is being labeled as “radical decanters” because we are covering, teeth gritting topics and not the typical cat and dog rescue.


35th Annual, Bank of America Starlight Musicals event was held in a public park and advertised through public and private media. My knowledge of the event came through the Meetup group called the Bison Club “http://www.meetup.com/thebisonclub/events”.


Many groups, including kayaking and singles groups were present and notified by hand made signs, not official permits. In addition, they brought their boats and objects associated with their group interest. Since this was a city produced event, it doesn’t have to get approved by the commissioner and doesn’t have, or need a permit (954 828 6075 events permit Jeff Meann)


Many small charities and animal rescuers were setup with picture boards, table, chairs and presenter demonstrating everything from rescued pets to composing toilets.  Illegal behavior was opening being carried out, for example, a group of people were selling bottled beer off bikes and several single mothers forced their children to walk around selling bracelets made from the same cornucopia, of child labor. The week prior, scantly clad young girls and boys in short shorts or hot pants, as they are called, distributed Yoohoo Chocolate drink mix for Nabisco, from these very cool looking, large advertising backpacks, which appeared as though they each weighed a ton. None of these public, private or corporate entities were removed.

Star Wars Stormtroopers pose for photogr

At no point during the presented event did we shake a rattle or tap a tambourine. although, we did talk to several youngsters interested in auditioning for the Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe and passed out contact information accordingly. This was at last the chance to fill our ranks with members, since people were approaching us, searching for opportunities to better themselves and our community.

hilfs-police images

It appears our down fall was that we first approached the main Bank of America, Park Authority and Henderson Behavioral health tent and asked to be officially included in the event as a charitable performances. The thin, bald Park Authority representative even ask us to perform an impromptu audition, prior to a real and private audition. This was done in a tone suggesting that a cast couch might become available when in a private setting, by the following chuckle.  I said we need our instrument to perform a song, which he said for us to go get. I told him the work is a musical called WonderlandRockOpera, which addresses the plight of the pill abusers, their children and lost pets in our community.

IMG_0585loyal to the cause

Bank of American Lady far left

We were now under the direction of the thin, bald Park Authority event manager, to go get our instruments, which is what we did. But, he also introduced us to the Bank of America lady as possible entertainers. I told her, who we are and that we perform this non profit charitable work, which highlights the plight of the pill abusers in our community. She quickly responded that she was all booked up for the Starlight Musicals series and currently the event is on hold and might be canceled tonight due to the lightening and bad weather. The younger man at the tent, stated in a unfriendly voice, “how is the pill thing you are doing going”. It appeared he was aware of the Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe prior to our arrival at the Bank of America tent. I responded that it was hard to get singers and musicians and stated, “maybe you can find some at this event”.


Seeing over a 1,000 plus music fans here, now waiting to listen to music and under the direction of the Park Authority manager to go get our instruments, I ran to my car as fast as I could and bought my musical equipment to a small sports bleacher adjacent to the main tenting area, in hopes to perform an audition. At no point was I intending to perform or out perform any ongoing event or stage act that was currently on hold. I was merrily waiting an opportunity with my guitar and drum, if one arose. This country was founded on opportunity and being at the right place at the right time, which is why I came to the event on this very night.  A pitch of lighten rained down, and all around from the heavens, dark clouds appeared ominously, angrily seeking out a sole sacrifice, as I waited the inevitable cancellation.  We positioned ourselves five feet from our instruments, and waited on the bleachers; not a drum or rattle in hand.

Riot-police RJO2

As soon as we finished set up, the Bank of America lady ran out and through the crowed, straight across the sea of people in order to recklessly start the Starlight Musicals event with lightening encircling the crowd. I believe she did this to prevent the Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Group from stealing the show. She got on the mic, and began giving away prizes and lolly pops and anything in order to initiate the event under these extreme inclement weather conditions, darkening clouds and bolts of lightening; Zeus himself had made such an appearance. I believe as a Professional Geologist, she threatened the lives of every man, woman and child in order to force the event to take place.

No police could be seen managing the event of some 1,000 plus drunken locals and tourists. The only authority present at the park initially was one morbidly obese Park Ranger, which looked as though he had consumed all the other park rangers. The morbidly obese Park Ranger, first approached the puppet troupe by singled me out, making hand gestures that implied he only wanted to talk to me and not the group. I believe he knew very well, he was about to break Constitutional laws at this point, which govern our right to assemble and he did not want other members of the Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe to bare witness to his threatening statements and intimidating mannerisms. In a angry violent tone, he told us to remove ourselves, our stuff and instruments from the park because the Bank of America lady did not want us here. Stating there was a paid band on the stage and you are not a payed band suggesting, we were of lessor talent.

Although, people are permitted to bring their own baseball glove and ball to a baseball game, basketball and basketball shoes to a professional basketball game, all in the hopes they will be called upon to serve, or astride to serve a greater purpose. Guns to gun shows, knife to knife shows and dolls to doll shows. Often bands throw drum sticks into the audience, how ever dangerous this might be, bands hand out instruments to the audience. Often enough to be an accepted practice. So, it makes sense that musicians can bring their own personal instrument to any concert, maybe to meet the band after the show, or acquire an autograph from professionals.

After quickly loading the car following the threats, a calm well spoken and mannered Ranger appeared named Alen Brown, who stated he was following orders from the Bank of America Lady who did not want the Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe at her event. I mentioned that we have the Constitutional Right to assemble in a public place and as long as we did not disturb the event, which we hadn’t. We should be allowed to stay and socialize like all the other charities and uncountable groups and corporations currently present. I asked Alen Brown to let me speak to a supervisor, which he graciously called, to clarify the situation.


The supervisor finally arrived and I approached him. He told me, “see, the Bank of America lady does not want you at her event, how would you like it if she came to your event.” I told him, “he swore an oath to protect our Constitutional Rights, including the right to assemble and by breaking those right…..”. In a violent, threatening, angry and aggressive tone the supervisor told me, “Don’t look at me, don’t say another word, leave here immediately”.  At this point, I looked for a badge name, none was present and I walked straight to my car, and waited for my other Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe member to leave the park. When the other member joined me at the car, he stated that the three conglomerated Park Rangers had asked him, where is your instrument now. Suggesting the threat of removal and destruction of his musical instruments was still possible, we were not safe yet. This was all done in a form of intimidation, since musicians hold and endear instruments at a higher value, than all other personal possessions.

Driving away from the parking lot, four police cars now showed up and one officer, warned by the Bank of America Lady of our car, waved down my small non-threatening Pruis next to the main Bank of America, Park Authority tent and Henderson Behavioral Health. This is when the car was encircled by several spacial rows of heavily armed police figures all dressed in black, more possible behind us out of view. The youngest police officer asked us to stop the car and turn it off. He questioned why were we, disturbing the event and playing our drums. I stated, and other group member in the car confirmed that we had not played a drum or disturbed the event in anyway. We were simple waiting for the event to be over or canceled, due to the weather conditions and dangers of lightening, at which point, we might decide to perform, if there was any public interest.

I stated to the police officer, we have the Constitutional Right to assemble as other groups have, in a public park, at a public event, sponsored by the city of Fort Lauderdale, a public institution of government. The young police officer asked if we were protesting. I responded that we are not protesting other then being singled out, from all the other groups and forced to leave a public park. He responded that, unless you are protesting, you do not have these Constitutional rights, and told me, a highly educated Professional Geologist that, “I needed to brush up on my Constitutional Law”. He than asked if I had ever had been arrested before, in a form, or way of threatening us and intimidating us with arrest.

I stated, we are a Charity group, that sells nothing and is covering a work that deals with pill abuse in our community and if you want, I can give you some information. He stated, for me not to put my hands in my pocks for any reason. I said the car is full of musical equipment, which were clearly visible through the windows, we should be treated to this level of non-threat, not criminals.

Since, more people died of pill abuse in Broward County than all illegal drugs and alcohol combined in 2012, the fact that Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe is addressing such a dramatic and tragic social topic should be honored and not discriminated against. We should not be labeled or treated as radicals. Pill abuse starts as a white collar crime and the effects are primarily felt on the lower social class. I personal have lost two friends, so this is a personal issue for me and I have taken great emotional pains in these peoples struggle. Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe sends a positive message, uses no vulgar words or gestures and was primarily written to have a way for families and loved ones to release their own personal pain. I would like to know what secret knowledge of this pill issue or associated money laundering Bank of America is hiding and who is this lady protecting?

I would like to remind you, Martin Luther King day, is not a day off from work, a day to close schools and banks, he stands for a movement, to peacefully enforce Constitution Rights, which were previously made into law, at the founding of this nation. Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe was not forced to the back of a Rosa Parks Montgomery City bus, but was threatened by the bus driver, “Park Authority Rangers, Police, and Bank of America lady” to leave the bus and not come back. Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe demands the right to be present at any public park, at any public event, and any public street. And, the individuals who swore an oath to protect our Constitutional Right and than removed them on Jun 28th 2013 strictly under the direction of the Bank of America lady, be prosecuted to the full aspect of the law.

Our inability to currently and freely assemble at any public event or venue at this point without the fear of intimidation, loss of instruments and or imprisonment will be considered further removal of our civil rights. Being sworn to uphold the Constitution and then selectively removing these rights for political reasons, even under the color of the law, holds a fine of up to 20 years in federal prison.

Deeply Concerned,
President of the
Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe
Billy Jones



Contact list below


July XX,


Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida, Inc. – Plantation, (954) 736–2400, http://www.legalaid.org
FIU College of Law Educational Advocacy Clinic – Miami, (305) 348-7541, http://www.fiu.edu
Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center – Miami Office – Miami, (305) 573-1106, http://www.fiacfla.org
Florida Institutional Legal Services, Inc. – Gainesville, (352) 375-2494, fils@bellsouth.net
Florida Justice Institute – Miami, (305) 358-2081
Legal Aid Service of Broward County, Inc. – Plantation, (954) 765-8950

July 28th

FCHR Website Email

In order to file a complaint with this agency, please fill out the attached form and return to this address. Sincerely Barbara Snead

Hello Barbara Snead,

I have looked at your form and I have two problems with filling this form out besides, not owning a printer or faxer machine. Who would think in the digital age / world a need for a stone age printer would be required to report to the Florida Commission on Human Relations.

1. The only discrimination listed on your form are visual, color, sex, race, ext. Hollywood Florida Puppet Theater Troupe was discriminated I believe because of local political issues aka “pill mills here at ground zero”, “Broward got any BLUE’s Blvd”, social class differences “rich man poor man” and maybe religious reasons. I am not sure, we perform happy sing-a-long beach music, we use no dirty words and we do not grab our pants the whole time like professional actors and music people. We do not understand the rough Taliban style fundamentalist political cultural policing that is going on here. Please help us understand what is going on here.

2. Forcing anyone to describe something, with dates and place names in 250 words or in a twitter comment, is ridiculous. Talk about leaving out detail, enough detail to make the entire Civil Rights attack disappear to the Florida Commission on Human Relations. If you are not able to respond to a letter, written by a professional writer, I am not sure if you office is prepared to respond to any human relations.

PS, I also do not like to use my real name, social security numbers and address, performers use stage names. Also if a Bank, as big as Bank of America discriminated against you, you got to think maybe I should not complain about Darth Vader and his death star.

Form out,
Billy Jones

July 28

Local Legal aid office
Florida Legal Services, Inc. Miami Advocacy Office 3000 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 102 Miami, FL  33137 Phone:  (305) 573-0092 Fax:  (305) 576-9664  Office Hours:  8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday  Office Description:   The Miami Advocacy Office of Florida Legal Services, Inc. performs legislative advocacy for FLS priorities, works with local programs in areas of public benefits, housing, and homelessness.  It also conducts impact and class action litigation in areas of public benefits, homelessness and immigration.

I would like to find an attorney for a Civil Rights attack in South Florida
-I’m out of the office and unable to answer email from Monday July 29 until Monday August 5. If you need immediate assistance please contact maria@floridalegal.org. Thanks Miriam

July 27 internalaffairs@fortlauderdale.gov I would like to report a Civil Rights attack at a public park by both public and privet institutes

July 27 http://myfloridalegal.com/contact.nsf/contact?Open&Section=Citizen_Services

Thank you for contacting the Attorney General’s Office regarding I would like to report a Civil Rights attack. Our staff will process it as soon as possible and, if necessary, respond appropriately.

July 27 http://fcranews.com/Contact.html

July 27 Washington Bureau
1156 15th Street, NW Suite 915
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 463-2940
Fax: (202) 463-2953
Email: washingtonbureau@naacpnet.org

I would like to report a Civil Rights attack in Florida

July 27th Florida Commission on Human Relations
2009 Apalachee Parkway, Suite 100
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: (850) 488-7082
Toll-Free: 1-800-342-8170
Fax: (850) 488-5291
Web Site: http://fchr.state.fl.us
E-Mail: fchrinfo@fchr.myflorida.com
I would like to report a Civil Rights attack to the Florida Commission on Human Relations

July 26 2013 ACLU of Florida
Executive Director: Howard Simon
4500 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 340
Miami, FL 33137
Phone: (786) 363-2700 Fax: (786) 363-1107 | Email: aclufl@aclufl.org
Web: http://www.aclufl.org
ext 2715 intake –
http://www.aclu.org Get help button online

Dear Mayor Jack HFPT was removed from the right to assemble at the Starlight Musicals event

-Mayor Seiler may be reached at 954-828-5003 or via e-mail at jack.seiler@fortlauderdale.gov.

Henderson Behavioral Health co-sponsored an event my HF Puppet group was kicked out of

Rebecca Smith Chief Information Officer
Office 954-777-1649 ; Cell 954-298-0515
Henderson Mental Health Center
4740 N. State Road 7
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319

-E-mails to the Department of Justice, including the Attorney General, may be sent to AskDOJ@usdoj.gov. E-mails will be forwarded to the responsible Department of Justice component for appropriate handling.
July 8th sent email

-Scott M. Behren
954-636-3802 Left message

-Timothy Michael Martin
954-659-9322 Left message
Wed after 2
Viewed this as a case of the Radical decenter puppet group
Talked to him on phone Monday July 8th sent email tsalaw(at)hotmail.com

-Frank Mallory Shooster Avvo
left phone number
Lawyer Tami Clair will call back

-Cindy Lea Ebenfeld
Hicks, Porter, Ebenfeld & Stein, P.A. 11011 Sheridan St Ste 104 Hollywood, FL 33026
(305) 374-8171
Melissa sent email
Does not cover civil rights issues anymore call fl Bar association………
Left message to call fl Bar association, 1800 342 8011 July 6th

-Jason Wyatt Kreiss
954-621-1096  Not interested

-Florida State Attorney office
duty to prosecute
(954) 831-6955
1st sent to small claims court
Left message to be sent to the attorney general July 2nd

Civil Rights Division (202) 514-4609 left message on July 2nd

The Law Offices of Sirpal & Morel, PL
Telephone: 786-529-5766 Facsimile: 877-237-3806 Contact@SirpalMorelLaw.com
209 NW 107th Ave
Hollywood, FL 33026

I am contacting you over a civil rights issue below is the detailed blog I was going to post but feel I should make an attempt at locating legal counsel.

-July 21st Email sent

Bank of America Lady had the Park Rangers remove from a public event HF Puppet Troupe
contact@bankofamerica.com, president@bankofamerica.com, abuse@bankofamerica.com


-All attempts failed posted blog on July 21, 2013, Talked to McKenzie on the 19th and you need approximately 50,000 to 100,000 dollars to produce a civil right defense, more if it goes to the 11th circus court. Lawyers wont take on that level of commitment or risk. So basically money buys you civil and Constitutional rights.